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Businesses need efficiency. Robots Deliver.

In these trying times, robots offer an amazing opportunity to boost up efficiency, and reduce human contact.

RobotLAB is leading the Robotics market with an innovative approach that makes Robotics truly useful in the hands of companies.

Our passionate team will guide you from point A to Z and beyond. Choose your area of interest below, and discover groundbreaking products to kick your business. 

Markets We Serve

Banking Robots

Robots are gradually changing the face of modern banking. Think the ubiquitous ATM, virtual tellers, or even robo-advisors in wealth management, which may soon become a common sight in the financial services industry . These technologies have the potential to reduce costs, expand skills, and improve customer experience. 

Restaurant Robots

Robots in restaurants, also called automated restaurants, are making the food industry safer, personalized and more efficient. Robots can be found throughout the restaurant industry flipping burgers to specific preferences, pouring the perfect cup of coffee or even preparing fast-casual “bowled” meals

Hotel Robots

From chat-bots to robot assistants, the use of robots in the hospitality industry has become more widespread in recent times.

Robots can work with peak efficiency for longer periods and are also able to carry out a whole lot of tasks. You can expect a very high level of precision and accuracy.

Cruise Lines Robots

It’s hard to ignore the entertainment value of robots, but maybe you don’t have to. The humanoid machines used in today’s travel industry are engineered to enhance customers’ experiences with quick, convenient service. And, yes—a little fun. 

Nursing Home Robots

Robots can transcribe and store crucial medical information minimizing the possibility of error as well as helping doctors and nurses to diagnose patients and even assisting lower-skilled health workers to administer treatment to patients with less input from doctors or other higher-skilled professionals.

Retail Robots

The use of robots in the logistics and supply chain enables retailers to achieve sizeable savings from stock-out shortages and losses, and shrinkage due to administrative errors. It also offers retailers the flexibility to move their sales personnel to functions that will drive higher sales.

Companies Robots

Robots have been used for high-volume operations, but as the technology advances and costs declines, more options and opportunities are opening for medium- and small-sized operations. Industrial robot are helping manufacturers address many of the key challenges they face, including tight labor pools, global market competitiveness and safety.

Hospital Robots

Robots can transcribe and store crucial medical information minimizing the possibility of error as well as helping doctors and nurses to diagnose patients and even assisting lower-skilled health workers to administer treatment to patients with less input from doctors or other higher-skilled professionals.

Robots can efficiently address cognitive decline issue by reminding care-receiver when to eat, or drink or take medication, do exercise or attend an appointment

Airport Robots

Robots can significantly reduce the time passengers spend at terminals and can streamline most of the current processes. Although robots will mostly prove beneficial to passengers, they will ultimately benefit airline companies and airport authorities as they will help attract more passengers towards air travel. 

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Pepper Robot

Pepper Robot

PEPPER is an innovative social humanoid robot that drives traffic, enhances the customer experience and shares knowledge with engaging interactions through conversation and its touch screen.

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Cruzr Robot

Cruzr Robot

CRUZR is a cloud-based intelligent humanoid service robot designed to better attend to customers' needs through multi-modal interactions.                                                                                

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NAO Robot

NAO Robot

NAO is a small-size biped humanoid robot designed to interact with people and capable of performing a rich panel of movements with smoothness and precision.                                        

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Aimbot Robot

AIMBOT is an autonomous indoor monitoring robot built for intelligent inspection, efficient inventory management, safety and security of data centers, and power distribution rooms.  

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Rhyno Protect Robot

Designed to be a rugged and modular platform, the Rhyno Protect is a compact firefighting Robot capable of navigating on rough terrain.                                          

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Delivery robots- main page

Delivery Robots

Learn how robots can improve your bottom line, customer satisfaction and push you above the competition. Bring Automation, Business Efficiency, And Real Value To Your Customers! indoor deliveries safely, quickly, and reliably. The robots navigate autonomously, increasing productivity and security by taking over the task of delivery.

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TEMI Robot

TEMI Robot

Cost-effective telepresence robot that delivers groundbreaking engagement solutions for your business, from flawless autonomous navigation to dynamic video experiences and advanced AI.

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Dobot CR5

Designed for small and medium businesses, Dobot CR5 is a user-friendly, self-learning, intelligent 6-axis robot effectively helping speed up the industrial automation process.                                             

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DOBOT SR6-920-1

Dobot SR6-920

Equipped with a great servo control system and high-precision driver-integrated technology, DOBOT 6-axis robot makes fast, flexible and agile movement at high precision with excellent dynamic payload performance. 

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